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and it will not be televised. Ever.

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You’re like that smell when I walk into Whole Foods/Never thought I’d be the kinda girl saying it but I don’t feel whole/without you/Never thought I’d miss the smell of morning breath/but there’s been no good mornings for me/Since you’ve left/and I’m left here/alone/without you

~yours truly

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I’m both

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I wrote my little heart out today…thee ol’ fashioned way, pen to papyrus. #CuzI’mClassy

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I finally understand my right to freedom, more than ever before. It’s funny how you can be weighed down by your past and at the same time wonder why you’re not getting ahead…So I can do one of two things:

A: Let go + Move On

B: Hang on + Keep complaining


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C’est Si Bon Y’all

In a continuation of celebrating first-class women, I offer this little note about a big personality, a one Ms. Eartha Kitt

She entertained Paris as well as NYC’s Broadway. With nothing but talent and lots of moxie, she made her mark in show business. She danced her way all to Europe with the legendary Katherine Dunham and eventually, Orson Welles was endeared enough to offer her the role of Helen of Troy. 

But she is also triumphant. Often taunted for her ethnicity and sent away at an early age, Ms. Kitt knows a thing or two about obstacles. Despite being turned away by native hands, the stage and the spotlight embraced her. Even the kids loved her in “The Emperor’s New Groove.” 

Eartha was a pistol. She seemed like the kind of woman who might just break out into song mid-conversation. And scold you for interrupting her. Yes, yes she was something else with that radically unique voice. Sometimes I still wake up to the sound of her purring “Marcus dah’ling…I don’t have any panties on.” 

Tell me, how do live the life? Are you first-class?


Sunday Kind of Love

She sang the blues her entire life which was good for the public. But sadly, she lived a great deal of the blues as well. Her pain made her legendary. #Sunday Kind of Love is one of my favorites….hope she found it