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Happy Thought

… to be young, black, talented and full of vigor. 

Tell me…what would you give me for a basket of kisses? 

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Position yourself so you’re always able to stand on your on two. And the only acceptable place to get a name inked on your body is if it can be covered by ankle socks; and if he asks “why not?”,you should respond “well if you gotta ask” and throw him the young Woody Allen glare…AMEN

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Why Grace Jones Turns Me On

Nothing describes Grace Jones quite like the word fabulous. Granted, I’ve never met her but I sense it’s something grand about her presence, like she can own a room just by walking in. Much like Prince, Ms. Jones is an enigma. How can one girl possess so much confidence and style? 

Let’s go beyond that. Grace Jones was perceived downright ugly by many, especially many brown people. She is sure enough dark, too dark for many to consider her a beauty. Her nose is thick. Her look is strong. Despite an inundation of criticism, she used her naysayers as a runway. Grace sported that high top fade better than any 80s rapper. She did it all while embodying her namesake: with grace and explosive confidence, she shocked the worlds of fashion and music only to make her mark as an icon. 

Despite “Pull Up to the Bumper” holding strong at #2 for 7 weeks, Jones wasn’t just one-hit sensation. And yes, her acting career extends far beyond Boomerang (James Bond, hello). Her presence was magnetic enough to attract the likes of Andy Warhol. Finally, her style was dapper enough that French photographer Jean-Paul Goude just had  to work with her. Best of all, she is still rocking audiences to this day.

What I’m saying is this: when I’m not quite 100%, I turn on the Jones. When I find myself spending too much time in the mirror, I make a mean Nicki Minaj face and yell out “Grace Jones B*&$#ES!”. Then I let out an evil laugh and walk away. 

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